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Three is for Triple

Last Sunday The Secret Agent and I hosted a small beer tasting. Before taking the bus to our place on the other side of town DSG texted and asked if we want him to bring a bottle. We never turn down beer and soDSG showed up with a numbered bottle of Brakspear Triple, newly imported to Israel but apparently still not commonly available. Triple hopped, triple fermented, quadruple shared, between us hosts, DSG and Yael, who is here for a visit from New Jersey.

Today I flipped through my notes and the 1001 book, and was happy to learn that we unintentionally made another step towards the goal – Brakspear Triple appears on the book.

I was rather surprised by all the citrus my nose and mouth met. Nose was malty and a little sweet with some orange, mouth starts sweet and becomes bitter with that orange cloud floating above. The clear, copper beer is light-bodied with too-delicate-to-my-taste carbonation and a long aftertaste.

The Secret Agent says it’s like a twisted British bitter. It wasn’t our favourite. However, the food match that appears on the brewery’s website looks fun though. Beer goes well with Dundee cake. No idea what Dundee cake is (though knowing cakes and Scotland chances of it being vegan are slim to none), but it sounds fun and heavy and nutty (I was right! it is heavy and nutty and not vegan – here!).


Brakspear Triple, 3/1001 Beers I must try before I die.


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