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Lost in a Fantasy

What do you think about when you read the phrase Fire Island? I had to go to Wikipedia to learn that this is a real place in New York State, adjacent to Long Island, pop. 292 + lots of tourists. Pop. 292 settled well with my imagination. In my mind’s eye I also saw Douglas fir and pine trees, flying fish and velvet, fire-like sunsets. The beautiful illustrated labels that adorn the bottles of Fire Island Beer Company tell a story not far off from my imagination. Deer, sunsets, a lighthouse and a paddle boat that whisper serenity.

We received Fire Island Lighthouse Ale and Fire Island Red Wagon IPA from Beer of the Month Club and drank them both quite some time ago. Both were pretty good. Lighthouse is a light-bodied APA with honey, citrus and ripe pear aroma, and bitter taste with a hint of sweetness that gets better as you drink. I liked Red Wagon IPA better. The malty-sweet-candy aroma indicates that the beer was past its prime, like many other beers that we get via mail order but I liked it nevertheless. Its taste, however, was crisp and hoppy-bitter and the aftertaste was light.

Li’l SIL goes to school in Stony Brook, which is a 40 minutes drive from the Fire Island Ferry dock. When we fly over to the US next year (hopefully, hopefully, fingers crossed), I think I’d like to include a visit there in my itinerary. We shall see.

And look at the brewery’s bewautiful website: Fire Island Beer Co.

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