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Lucky 12, Lucky 13

In the past week we drank two different beers from the 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die book. First was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout that we shared with Cousin Kaos who crashed at our place on Wednesday night. He loves stout and we aren’t too crazy about this particular stout, so splitting the 50 cl nitro can between three drinkers instead of the usual two was perfect. Beer itself was what we remembered from previous encounters (tap, nitro can and a sample in a blind porter/ stout tasting a few weeks back, that I’m not sure whether it was poured from bottle or can) – not our kind of thing. Well, it’s beautiful. Black and so creamy you wouldn’t tell the difference between draught sample and this. (Burnt) chocolate dominates the aroma, the taste and the aftertaste. This is a light, smooth and bitter beer that as much as we tried didn’t leave too much impression. Cousin Kaos didn’t fall off the couch in awe, but things got better when The Secret Agent compensated him with IPA from HaDubim brewery (a thorough review on their ales is planned for the next quarter).

On Friday night we were invited to our friends’ house. The Secret Agent’s BFF #1 and his spouse invited BFF #2, his wife and their kid and us. #1 Being non drinkers, they advised us to bring our own booze. The Secret Agent sent me to the store, to fetch a bottle of Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen, a recent and much-loved discovery, an Israeli IPA and whatever else I fancied. Picked a bottle of Alexander Green (that’s the local IPA), Brooklyn Winter Ale because I have only sampled at Beers 2012 Expo, said Weizen and Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23 That we haven’t had for months. In the evening we drank 3 out of the 4: the Schlenkerla, Alexander Green and Urbock. First two were excellent, third is listed. Pours hazy golden with a small head. It smells sweet and grainy, malty and nutty. It tastes rich and sweet but wasn’t really exciting. Its body is full, texture – oily, lightly carbonated. I remembered it to be a better beer than the one we drank on Saturday night.

#12, #13 beers I must try before I die.

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