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Take Pride in Your London

The bottle of Fuller’s London Pride which one of us got in a goodie bag handed out at the Shtern1 Bar’s birthday party served us right eariler this week, when we sought after a beer to drink. We craved a simple, balanced brew, tasteful and gimmick-free and thankfully London Pride was there for us to drink.

Straight to the point, like the ale itself: pours amber, transparent and bubbly, with malt and candy smell and bitterness that revealed itself after a short shot of sweet maltiness. Medium body, carbonated with a long bitter finish. Even for beer-hoppers like us, who are always after new tastes, this is the beer to have handy in the fridge, for times when you want to drink beer for the sake of beer.

(Fuller’s London Pride, p.132. 2/1001)

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