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Sour Crasher

For the third time I crashed into a sour tasting held at the Peaceful CEO’s office. I arrived late, as I only joined for the last two bottles on the list. This was a paid tasting and I didn’t have the money nor the time to participate in the entire event.  By the time I arrived the small gang of sourheads was already pissed-drunk. I couldn’t follow their conversation but nevertheless, enjoyed and was amused by the company.

Before heading to the tasting notes I must say that I’m getting used to the extremity of sour beers and that every now and then I even like them. Not that I’d drink a bottle by myself, mind you, but I can sip and enjoy a tasting goblet all the way through.

First beer I sampled was a beer now known as New Belgium La Folie, but we opened a bottle from 2011, when the beer was still called Lips of Faith La Folie. It pours dark brown, with a hazy yellowish off white head and  smells of soda, grape juice, some cherry and plum aroma. Tastes sour and fruity – I could also taste tomatoes (does it consider fruity?).  It has a medium body and acidic aftertaste and it’s not bad at all.

The second beer I tasted, the last in the tasting, is Russian River Consecration. Russian River Temptation was poured in a previous sour tasting and I liked it much better than this one. We sampled a bottle from a batch bottled in December 2008 that pours murky nut brown with foamy off white head. I smelled sweet blackcurrants aroma and tasted something sour, alcoholic and oily. Medium body and short finish – thank goodness. This one wasn’t as good as the first.

Highlight of the tasting was homemade sourkraut brought by The Long Distance Runner. I hope that by writing this I won’t be expelled from future sour tasting because they are fun, in their own twisted way.

Those were beers #74 and #75 I Must Try Before I Die


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2 thoughts on “Sour Crasher

  1. I’m a huge sour fan, but I was from the first sip. I maintain that with sours, you either immediately love them or hate them. If you don’t immediately love them, you can eventually develop an appreciation for them, but you’ll never truly adore them. But, that’s why there are lots of beers out there!

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